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– Peter is a Photographer, he enjoys macro photography and photographing nature, on request he may take personal photos.  Peter enjoys working with customers to place their design ideas on garments with ink, heat, or embroidery.  Peter will work with you on your custom garments / t-shirts or on your logo transfer for eventual placement on garments or embroidering on garments.  At GnG Artisans we can pull from a vast selection of designs on our web site and through various connections to build a quality design for your need.  Send an e-mail to info@gngartisans.com with your need and we will be in touch to help you customize your work (see form below).

– AnnMarie is a talented artist. She has been honored with awards on her work, as well as with sales of her various creations.  AnnMarie is our on site artist who will help you create your design.  She has amazing ability to take a concept and convert it to a design, e-mail to her and let her know what you need, e-mail address info@gngartisans.com.

Phone: 1.607.296.3285

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GnG Artisans, Inc.
6 Maple Avenue
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This site is our active website and will host all Art work, Photography, Embroidery, Printed Garments, and all custom work, any changes will be noted on our Facebook page and an e-mail is usually sent to our subscriber list.

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GnG Artisans, Inc. is ready to work with you through the process of creating a custom Art, Photography, embroidery, printing with heat transfer vinyl, direct to garment, or sublimation on garments or on cloth.  If you would like a quote simply send an e-mail to info@gngartisans.com and tell us what you need.  Give us as much information as possible for the desired customized product, let us know if you want your garments custom embroidered, printed, designed for sublimation, or perhaps a custom painting for your work environment.  Think about your request, we can not read your mind, give us all the information you have so we can more accurately present you with an accurate estimate for work to be done.


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